Graduation Celebration!

This past weekend I attended my first training for a class I’m taking this summer at Willamette University.  The training was fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to the class.  Now, the funny thing was that my training coincided with Willamette’s graduation.  So I had to park about 15 minutes away, and got to walk past many excited families and soon-to-be graduates.  And I didn’t mind one bit—I love graduations!  I love the excitement, the polyester gowns, the caps, the cords.  I love having your family gather to celebrate your accomplishment with you.  I love the rush you get when they call your name and you get to march across that stage.  As a teacher, I get to attend the graduation ceremony at my high school every year.  My school is really small, so I personally know all of the seniors that are graduating and that makes it incredibly special.  My school’s big ceremony is just a few weeks away, so I have definitely had graduation on the brain.  And of course that means that I searched Etsy for some cute graduation crafts!

I love this necklace by lisahopkins with the amazing Thoreau quotes.  This would be a perfect gift for a graduate!

You all know how much I love to work with dictionary pages, so I love this mirror by savagespider!  What a great idea!

My students have really been into buttons lately, so I know they would go crazy for this button set by theangryrobot!  I love the variety of the buttons, they’re all fantastic!

And finally, I love this cute little owl by claraiuribe.  I love its little cap and diploma!

Definitely keep those adorable crafts in mind if you’re looking for a gift for a graduate.  I think that my favorite graduation was my Masters graduation, because I got to wear the special Masters gown with the fancy hood.  I loved it!

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