Jewelry Display Tutorial!

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy project I whipped up this last weekend!  Lately I have been wanting to wear more jewelry, and I felt that displaying my jewelry pieces would really help motivate me to wear them more often.  Right now they are stashed away in a jewelry box, which means that I basically wear the same three pieces of jewelry over and over again because I forget about all the others!  So here is my quick and easy jewelry display tutorial:

The last time I was at Ikea I grabbed a set of three cork heat pads for under $1.00.

I then grabbed a piece of fabric from my stash with a big, bold print.  This fabric worked out perfectly because each flower was about as big as one of my cork circles!

I placed each cork circle on top of a flower and traced around the cork circle.

Then I cut a few inches AROUND my traced circle.  Do NOT cut on the traced circle!

Next, I cut triangular pieces out of my excess fabric (the few inches around the traced circle) so it looked like a sunburst.  I made sure not to cut right up to the traced circle, I left a little bit of space.

Then I placed the cork circle in the middle of my ‘sunburst’, whipped out my hot glue gun, and started gluing each tab onto the cork circle.

I glued each of the tabs, pulling the fabric tight as I went.

That’s it!  You now have a beautiful fabric covered cork circle!  You could use this for a super cute message board if you wanted, but I continued on to make a jewelry display.

I took T-shaped straight pins and stuck them in my cork circles in a staggered pattern.

I then glued a bit of ribbon on to the back of each cork circle and hung them on a blank wall in my closet.  It was perfect!

Then I loaded each circle up with all of my jewelry pieces!

I really love how these turned out, and I think they will definitely help me wear more of my jewelry!

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