Yesterday B and I spent the day with my family celebrating an early Mother’s Day.  We took the Mount Hood Railroad and had a wonderful picnic.  Now that the weather is warming up I hope to have many more picnics, and so that is the theme of today’s ETSmondaY!

First things first, you can’t have a picnic without a picnic basket!  And this one by sewluckyembroidery is collapsable and has a zippered top!

And you also need to have a beautiful picnic blanket!  I love the big bold print of this blanket by SewnNatural!

Then, to eat your food on, use these amazing eco square plates by janeecollings.  They are made from pressed palm leaves and are biodegradable!

To keep your food fresh, use these sandwich wraps by roundbottombaby.  The patterns are so fresh and vibrant!

Another great way to  contain your picnic foods is with these porcelain berry baskets by sisterstationary.  They are so beautiful!

To make your picnic extra special, you can decorate it with these adorable pennants by elizabethbloomfield!  I love the flowery pattern!

And finally, to invite people to your amazing picnic, use these fun invitations from jeniOcreations!

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