Coen Brothers Party? You Betcha!

This past weekend one of my friends had a birthday party, and of course it had to have a theme!  She chose a Coen Brothers theme for her party, because she is a huge movie buff.  I jumped at the chance to be a pregnant Minnesotan, and so decided to come to the party as Marge from Fargo!

I borrowed the hat from a friend, bought some play badges at the dollar store, and had the rest of my costume on hand!  To create the baby bump I actually used a bag of poly-fil that I had in my craft closet.  I just emptied about half of the poly-fil and taped the bag to itself in a ‘baby bump’ shape.  Then to attach it to myself I sewed a band of jersey fabric so that it fit around my waist and the ‘bump’.  It worked perfectly!

To tuck my pants into my boots I pulled a hair elastic around my calf and then tucked it into my boots.

It was a quick and easy costume, and a lot of fun!

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