Valentine’s Day Cards!

Today I wanted to share some Valentine’s Day cards that I made, just in case you were still looking for some V-day ideas!

What do you think?  It was such a quick and easy project, and I love how the cards turned out!


To make these quick and easy cards, all I did was cut out a 3″x3″ square from a dictionary page and a 3″x6″ strip from red card stock.  I folded the red card stock in half to make my card, and then glued the dictionary page to the front.

I then traced a heart around the word that I wanted to feature, pierced my embroidery holes, erased the pencil, and stitched up my heart!

I love how they turned out!  The card above will be for B (notice how it also says Yorkshire Terrier?  That’s a little homage to our dog Basil!)  These cards are quick, easy, and can be customized with any word in the dictionary!  The possibilities are endless!

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