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Homecoming Week!

This past week was Homecoming Week at the high school that I teach at!  As the Leadership advisor and Activities Director it was an incredibly busy but fantastic week for me.  My students put on some amazing programs, and the entire school was definitely feeling the Homecoming spirit!  My favorite part of Homecoming Week are all of the dress-up days, so I thought I would share a few pics of some costumes I made up for this past week!

 Monday was “Pattern Day” where I wore plaid as a Senior mentor.  Not too exciting, and I don’t have a pic–sorry!  But Tuesday was “Salad Dressing Day” where each class dressed up in the theme of different salad dressings–French, Ranch, Caesar, and Thousand Island.  As you can see, I dressed up “French” as a Senior mentor.  I just cut a strip of red fabric for my neck scarf and I was good to go!


Wednesday was “Movie Genre Day” where each class was a different movie genre.  The Seniors were Cartoon/Disney themed, so I was Minnie Mouse!  I made the ears and the skirt, the rest I had on hand.

Thursday was “Dr. Seuss Day” and I used my Grinch costume from New Years!  I didn’t get a picture, but just imagine me with a baby bump in the exact same costume

And finally, Friday was the traditional “Orange and Black Day.”  This is the fifth year that I’ve taught in Scio, so I have quite the collection of orange and black items to choose from–including eyelashes!

It was a super fun week and my costumes were a huge hit.  Being pregnant definitely makes dressing up a lot more fun!



Happy New Year!

Every year my friends and I welcome the New Year with a fantastic themed party.  You might recall that last year the theme was Muppets/Sesame Street and that the year before that was Dinosaur Prom.  Well, this year the theme was Dr. Seuss and it was so much fun!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas was one of my favorite Christmas movies when I was little, so for my costume I decided to go as The Grinch!  I found an XL red sweater at Old Navy on clearance for around $3.00 and then sewed on the fur trim by hand.  I also covered a pair of flats with red felt and fur trim to create The Grinches long red pointy shoes.  I wore long green eyelashes, lots of green eye makeup and scary black eyebrows, as well as green gloves and tights.  I love how it turned out!

Since I was The Grinch, B came as The Grinch’s dog Max! I cut out his ears from felt, sewed his antler from white fabric, and then attached them to a headband.  It was easy, and I love the end result!

The party was so much fun.  Here I am with a Truffula Tree, Sally from The Cat in the Hat, and Fox in Socks!

And here’s the whole group!  Along with The Grinch, Max, Truffula Tree, Sally, and Fox in Socks there were also Sneetches, Thing 1 and Thing 2, The Cat in the Hat, Yertle the Turtle, Sam I Am, Cindy Lou Who, and Dr. Seuss himself!

It was a wonderful way to ring in 2012!

Mustache Monday!

Homecoming Week at the high school I teach at is next week, and the dress-up theme for Monday is Mustache Monday.  As the Leadership Advisor I always participate in all of the dress up days that my students create, so I had to create a mustache!  Here’s a terrible picture of the finished mustache I made:

It was incredibly simple.  I printed out a mustache template (EASY Makes Me Happy has a great free template here) and then traced it onto some black craft foam.  The only change that I made was that I cut straight across the top of the foam mustache.  I then cut a teeny slit in the top of the mustache, which allowed the mustache to grip the little piece of skin between my nostrils.  Simple, easy, and so much fun!

 I plan to cut out several mustache shapes so that I can change it up throughout the day next Monday.  Can’t wait!