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A Birthday Card

Earlier this month one of my best friends had a birthday, so I whipped her up a quick card for the occasion!

I used the same concept that I did for the Valentine’s Day Cards that I made, except I stitched a heart around the word “birthday” this time.

The stitched heart was also on the inside of the front cover, so I colored it in really quickly and wrote a simple message.

I love how it turned out!




Valentine’s Day Cards!

Today I wanted to share some Valentine’s Day cards that I made, just in case you were still looking for some V-day ideas!

What do you think?  It was such a quick and easy project, and I love how the cards turned out!


To make these quick and easy cards, all I did was cut out a 3″x3″ square from a dictionary page and a 3″x6″ strip from red card stock.  I folded the red card stock in half to make my card, and then glued the dictionary page to the front.

I then traced a heart around the word that I wanted to feature, pierced my embroidery holes, erased the pencil, and stitched up my heart!

I love how they turned out!  The card above will be for B (notice how it also says Yorkshire Terrier?  That’s a little homage to our dog Basil!)  These cards are quick, easy, and can be customized with any word in the dictionary!  The possibilities are endless!

Etsy Successes!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!  I hope that today proves to be extra lucky for all of you.  I’ve been having a bit of luck with my Etsy shop, and I wanted to share some news with all of you!

First of all, I’ve put a bunch of new pencil sets in the store, including mechanical pencils!

Aren’t they cute???  In the picture they are wrapped in some security envelope patterns, but I am offering to wrap them in anything that I sell in my store.  So that should be a fun alternative to the conventional pencil!

I’ve also added more book page pencils, including Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick, and Twilight.

All of these were suggestions from customers, so I was really excited to add them to the store.  I love getting suggestions on what people would like to see in my store, so if you have any definitely send them my way!

I also recently added some super cute pencils wrapped in vintage vocabulary worksheet pages.

I love these, and my cousin just ordered a bunch of them to give her school staff members as ‘welcome back’ gifts!  Awesome!

And now for the BIG NEWS:  my pencils are going to be sold in a retail store in Jackon Hole, Wyoming!!!  Eeeeeek!  The store is called MADE, and it looks so cool.

This is the kind of store that I love exploring, so I am over the moon that my pencils will be sold there.  They found me through Etsy, and I could not be more excited!  So I am busy busy busy creating 200 pencils for their store!