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More Baby Softies!

If you remember, I made Baby Girl a CowBunny Softie a few months ago in honor of one of my friends.  Well, I have since finished two more softies, and I love how they turned out!


Baby Girl now has a Fox and an Orca to join their friend CowBunny!


I made the Fox using the same bunny pattern from Zooguu that I used for CowBunny, I just altered the shape of the face, ears, and tail.  Then for the Orca I bought a Narwhal pattern from Zooguu, added a fin instead of the horn, and changed the eyes.  I love the patterns that I bought from Zooguu—they were so easy to follow and the results are so cute!

I love that Baby Girl’s nursery has all of these cute handmade touches in it that have so much meaning behind them!

My Pencils Are (somewhat) Famous!

A few months ago I was contacted by an editor of an Australian magazine who wanted to include my pencils in a feature in one of their issues.  Of course I said yes, especially since I get a lot of orders from Australia, and a few weeks ago this appeared on my doorstep!

Apparently, Girlfriend is the Australian equivalent of Seventeen magazine here in the States.  It was actually a really cute and fun read!

And now for my feature!  Here is a look at most of the two page spread…

And here’s a zoomed in view of my  feature

I was so thrilled to see my pencils in an actual magazine!  The feature was way bigger than I thought it would be, and I’ve had several customers mention that they saw my pencils in Girlfriend magazine and just had to buy them!  Fantastic!


Wow.  I can’t believe I almost let an entire MONTH go by without blogging.  Sorry!  As you probably guessed, things have been super busy lately and I just haven’t had much time for crafting or blogging.  And that makes me really sad!  So here I am, apologizing to all of you dear readers, and also *hoping* that I will start crafting and blogging more frequently.  I say hoping because I don’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep.  But it is a sincere wish of mine to craft more, and to share those crafts with you here!

One of the reasons that my life has been so busy lately is that my Etsy shop is getting tons of orders every day!  It’s so exciting and wonderful that people are buying my pencils, but it’s also a big time commitment.  Which means that after a busy day teaching I come home and spend most of my evenings working on my Etsy products.  Which also means that I just have not had the energy to work on many other craft projects.  But luckily I still love working on my Etsy products, so I’m still enjoying myself and crafting every day–it’s just essentially the same craft each day. But I’m already well on my way to 1,500 sales, which completely boggles my mind!

Isn’t that incredible?  I still remember talking to my husband a few years ago and telling him “no one will want to buy my pencils!” while he encouraged me to open my own Etsy shop.  And here we are, hundreds of sales later, and I am so incredibly happy.  My Etsy shop has brought me so much joy, and that is all thanks to my amazing, encouraging, and persuasive husband.  Love you B!

So please stay tuned, and hopefully I’ll have some fun crafts to share with all of you!