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Baby Boy Crafts! (Part 3)

I’ve posted about the baby blankets and burp cloths that I made for my friend Lindsey’s baby shower, and today I wanted to share some fun items that I made for her in addition to the ‘must-haves.’



Lindsey’s husband Dale loves to wear bow ties, so OF COURSE I had to make the baby some bow ties!  I actually ended up making two matching sets of bow ties so that Dale could match his baby boy.


I attached the bows to clip-on earrings and that was it!  Super cute and easy!


Along with being a lover of bow ties, Dale is also a math teacher.  So OF COURSE I had to make some cute math onesies!


And finally, the last item that I made were some ‘pee-pee teepees.’  In case you’re not familiar, they’re little fabric cones that you can use to make sure your baby boy doesn’t spray you when you change his diaper!



To make the pattern I just traced a bowl that was about 6″ in diameter and then folded that circle in half.  I used some scrap pieces of fleece that I had in my stash and sewed two half circles together, back to back.  Then I just brought the edges together to make a cone and sewed up the seam!


I absolutely loved making Lindsey some fun and must-have items for her baby boy.  Hopefully they will serve her well once her little man arrives later this month!

Christmas Present Reveal

Now that the holidays are behind us I believe it is safe to share the presents that I made for my family members this year.  I kept it very simple this year because I wasn’t sure how much time/energy I would have as I neared my due date, but I’m still really happy with how they turned out!

The first thing that I made was vanilla extract.  I was inspired by our Mexico trip last year (as well as Pinterest), and this was the perfect gift.  Easy to make, useful, and something everyone seems to have a use for!  What I love is that it is basically an endless supply of pure vanilla extract as long as you keep topping off the bottle with vodka after every use.  I also loved that this present was already made when Christmas came around since I assembled the bottles back in November.  B designed the awesome labels, and we were good to go!

The other thing that I made this year were rice-filled hand warmers.  I was inspired by these felt ornaments on Oh Happy Day and thought it would be an easy design to slightly alter.  This was another useful gift that everyone can use, and I love how they turned out!  I also made simple little stamped bags to hold the hand warmers that were a big hit.

And finally, I was inspired by my good friend Jessica over at Sweet Athena to make a family tree for my Grandmother.  I only included four generations of names (starting with my grandparents) so it was not as elaborate as Jessica’s, but I still really like how it turned out.  And I left room for Baby Girl and my cousin’s son that is due in April!

I love making handmade gifts for Christmas, and this was another successful year!

String Art Card



One of my best friends just flew away to Baltimore for a year to attend grad school.  While I am so so so happy and excited for her, I am also incredibly sad because I’m going to miss her SO MUCH!

One way that I love to keep in touch with distant friends is through good ol’ fashioned snail mail.  I love receiving mail, and sending it is just as fun—especially if you make the cards yourselves!

To remind Jessica of all the people who love her here in the Portland area of Oregon, I made her a super quick and easy embroidered card:

When I say super quick and easy, I really mean it!  I printed off a map of Oregon to use as a template, traced it onto a piece of plain white card stock and then traced my heart as well.  Then I poked little holes using a thumbtack all around the outline of the state and the heart.  I chose to use purple embroidery thread because it’s Jessica’s favorite color, and just used one strand.

I then started ‘sewing’ and before I knew it, I was done!  I adore the look of this card, and I definitely want to make more.  I’m actually thinking about a fun feature for the nursery!