Turn a Baby Dress into a Romper

Our neighbor recently gave us about ten bags of clothes to go through before they had a garage sale.  One of many items that I found was this cute tie-dye dress that was just begging to be turned into a bubble romper!

Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial

While dresses are incredibly adorable, at this stage they just aren’t the most practical thing for T…

Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial

The girl LOVES to grab her toes, crawl around, and just explore.  And this means that a dress is either in her way, or leaving her totally exposed—neither of which I am a fan of.  I’ve seen tons of tutorials on how to turn a dress into a bubble-style romper, and I decided to give it a try.

Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial

The dress had a 1/2″ hem on the bottom that worked perfectly as a casing for my 1/4″ elastic.  I measured and marked the 3″ in the center of the dress on the front and back where I wanted to attach my snaps.  Then I snipped a little hole on one side of my ‘casing’ and threaded my elastic through, beginning and ending on each side with my 3″ mark.  I’ve read several tutorials that have you cut a curve into your dress and add extra length to the back for your snap flap.  This dress was so long on T that I didn’t bother with any of that, and just attached my snaps directly onto the existing hem in that 3″ space that I had marked earlier.  I attached three snaps, one on each end close to my elastic casings and one in the middle.

Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial

I had never attached snaps before, and it was SO easy!  I just bought the snap kit that comes with the little hammering tool and followed the instructions.  Quick and easy!  I also stitched a strip of elastic to the inside of the back collar to help close up the neckline a little.

And that was it!  With just a little elastic and a few snaps I was able to transform this dress into a much more functional romper!  Now T can crawl, roll, and explore to her hearts content and be fully covered in the process.

Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial

Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial Baby Dress to Romper Tutorial

(Even though she looks upset, she actually really liked the romper.  Teething can be rough, guys).

Union Jack Sweatshirt Tutorial

During our recent trip to England I was constantly looking for a sweatshirt for T with a union jack on it.  Unfortunately I never did find this one particular item that I was looking for, which inspired me to make my own!

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 3.21.56 PM

I bought a $5 sweatshirt at Target and then used existing fabric scraps to make the union jack appliqué. I tried a new technique called reverse appliqué, and I absolutely love how it turned out.

The first thing that I did was to sketch out my union jack design onto freezer paper:


I picked my fabrics out of my stash of scraps, and I love what I chose.  As you can see in my sketch above, I was originally going to have tiny white stripes on either side of my red strips to be more true to the actual flag.  I instead chose to go with the red and white print fabric on top of a solid blue and to forgo the white stripes.  I definitely had an inner Tim Gunn voice in my head telling me to edit my design, and I love how it turned out!

I cut the freezer paper sketch in half and ironed it on to my red print fabric.  I then pinned my blue fabric under my red fabric and sewed along my sketch lines using a straight stitch.  (I left an extra section of my red and white fabric so that I could fold it under and have a nice clean edge to go next to the zipper on my sweatshirt).

IMG_8662 IMG_8663

After going over the sketch line with a straight stitch I removed the freezer paper and went over my straight stitch lines with a super tiny zigzag stitch.  Then the reverse appliquéing process begins!  I cut out the red and white fabric in the triangular sections as close to the stitching as I could so that only the blue fabric was left.



IMG_8661 IMG_8660

I then stitched around the three appliquéd sides (not the side with the extra red fabric) with the tiny zig zag stitch just to reinforce everything.  Basically I was making two patches to attach to my sweatshirt.

I then folded the excess red fabric under the entire appliquéd piece so that it had a nice folded edge.  To attach the two halves of my union jack to my sweatshirt I used good old heat ‘n’ bond again!  Luckily the sweatshirt had a seam running across the front, which was perfect for lining up my two patches.  I also used a little bit of liquid stitch in the corners just to make sure they would stick.  And that was it!


I really love how this sweatshirt turned out.  It’s bold, graphic, and has a feminine flair to it that I really like.  I can’t wait for T to wear it!